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THE SHOW - Marilyn Manson Ft. Johnny Depp & Ninja

THE PALE EMPEROR is available in stores January 20, 2015. Pre-order now at iTunes and get "The Third Day of a Seven Day Binge" instantly.iTunes:

Then And Now

A different way to approach a "where are they now" type topic. Let's just look at them before and how they are currently... like George Clooney, holy heck. Also yes, I did meet Andy Biersack... kinda blew my mind :)To Download Me on iTunes:...

Lainey & Onision FOREVER (feat. Andy Biersack) #BVB4

So many of you said Lainey & Onision WOULD NEVER LAST but look at us now! We're... um... special thanks to Andy & Chris Biersack for making this video possible :) Download the latest BVB album: thanks to my wife for being so...

Do Guys Prefer Girls With Makeup?

Like many questions asked on Speaks, this one also has a number of answers based on quite a few variables. Do guys prefer girls with makeup? Which guy? Which girl? How much makeup? What style of makeup?My Website: http://onision.comOnision Tumblr: