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Do Guys Prefer Girls With Makeup?

Like many questions asked on Speaks, this one also has a number of answers based on quite a few variables. Do guys prefer girls with makeup? Which guy? Which girl? How much makeup? What style of makeup?My Website: http://onision.comOnision Tumblr:

Bill & Tom Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel) Twin Interview Wetten Dass (English subtitles)

How well do the twins really know each other?German interview with English subtitles (by popular demand)

Tokio Hotel TV 2014 [EP 09] ’Pflaumensaft‘

This is the season finale, but don’t you worry… TH TV will return! Give a thumbs up, if you want a new Tokio Hotel TV season…Get KINGS OF SUBURBIA ▶ Subscribe to our channel ▶ Latest news on twitter

Girliest Emo (Boys That Look Like Girls)

We're looking for the girliest emo boy we can find, and done. Instantly, because most all emo boys look like emo girls.Contact Me