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Name: Souichiro Nagi

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AMV - This Is War

[Sword Art Online AMV] - Breaking The Habit - [SAO]

Artist: Linkin ParkSong: Breaking The HabitProgram used: Sony Vegas Pro 12.0Anime: Sword Art Online

AMV Mirai Nikki [Love Bites (So Do I) - Halestrom]

︙Watch it in 720p For A Better Quality!︙︙This is my first AMV, I hope you guys like it!︙This AMV is dedicated to Yuno and her crazy obsession for Yukiteru. Yuno is, by al means, one of the best yanderes you can find in Anime. Even though it's a modern anime, and it may have some errors on...

Adema - Giving In (with Lyrics)

Adema - Giving In (with Lyrics)album: Adema - Adema (2001) here to subscribe: