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As You Were By My Side (feat.Hatsune Miku)

Long time no see everyone...Haven't been on here in a loooong time...I bought this song awhile ago and thought it was very touching... :') And I didn't see it on YT so I decided to share..Song: As You Were By My SideBy: John ZeronessVocaloid: Hatsune MikuNot mine, just trying to share the love....

TRIPLE BAKA! (piano)

My Triple Baka vocaloid arrangement for piano solo!Actually, I was supposed to arrange Black Rock Shooter, but there's just no ideas coming up... an arranger's mental block. So then I thought, Triple Baka is the PERFECT song for this situation, and so here it is lol.It's definitely a fun song to...

Whose Line is it Anyway? Irish Drinking Song

Irish drinking song about yelling out the wrong name in bed that gets messed up an horribly funny

Whose Line: Song Styles 10

H-O-R-W-A-R-D! from the 100th Episode