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Name: Bernie Cliffers

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It's not Mewtwo

Support us on Patreon!, Charizard, and the mystery box! Can you guess which new Super Smash Bros. fighter is inside? (Hint: It's not Mewtwo)---Based on a classic Sesame Street skit ( and the fact that Mewtwo hasn't been...

Sword Art Online 2 OP - Ignite (Piano Cover)

Finally back home in Canada, and back to recording Anime Piano Covers~! I'm really most comfortable in front of a camera, lol.This time, we'll start off with Sword Art Online Season 2 Opening Theme, Ignite by Eir Aoi. I just really love her voice, she kinds of strains it during high notes, which...

Sword Art Online 2 ED - Startear (Piano Cover)

I love this song, because I could fully relate to it. Truth be told, I'm a very insecure person. I always think, why can't I be better at piano? I have these arrangements in my head, but I can't fully play them to potential because my hands aren't good enough. I wish I started piano earlier. I...

POOP STEALING PRANK! Greg Benson & Jack Vale

SUBSCRIBE ►►► PRANKS ►►► is probably the dumbest prank I've ever thought of, and also one of the most fun to shoot. And when you think about it, isn't this really just a VERY RANDOM act of kindness? :)featuring Greg Benson & Jack...