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(OTS Acoustic cover) My Heart Sings Praises

Jean Kim, Grace Koo singing and Brian Choi on guitar! we just love this praise and had to cover! just praising GOD right? :)it's OTS so just bear with us hahaMy Facebook Page: me on Instagram & Twitter:@gracehkoo@kyjdan123

The Way I Am (Animation)- Ingrid Michaelson

Just a little something for Valentines day. ;DIt took me a whole month to draw, distractions and all. :)Dedicated to ;3

Turning Coca Cola into a Slushy Drink!

Hey, today I am going to show you how to change Coca Cola to a delicious COOOOLD slushy drink. This trick works with every Soda-integrated drink, even with beer. lol couldn't find the time to edit the video, captured it and then uploaded it. I hope you like it! BYEEE!