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Star Trek New Voyages - 4x00 - Come What May - Subtitles

Download: 4x00 - Pilot FilmTitle: "Come What May"Length: 0:39:57 (16:9 version)Release date: 16.01.2004Stardate: 6010.1 (Fri July 19, 2267)Writer: Jack MarshallDirector: Jack MarshallPlot:After...

Harmy's Star Wars: Despecialized Edition v2.5 - Video Sources Documentary

CLICK "SHOW MORE" TO READ THIS DESCRIPTION FOR RELEVANT LINKS AND IMPORTANT NOTICES!How to download: video and the "Despecialized Edition" fan edits of the Star Wars original trilogy were made by the user known as "Harmy" on the forums. You may...

Make Mine Freedom (1948) - William Hanna & Joseph Barbera

Cold War propaganda cartoon aimed to fight the perceived threats of Soviet communism against exceptional American values, including Free Market Capitalism. It features Billy Bletcher as the voice of Labor. The 5 foot, 2 inch comedian often used his deep, baritone voice as cartoon villains. It...

The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover HD - Comic Con 2014 [Audio Fixed]

Comic-Con attendees got an early taste of the long-awaited Simpsons-Family Guy crossover when a sneak preview of the episode aired during Saturday's Family Guy panel.I uploaded this sneak peak earlier as well. But as viewers started to complain about the bad audio quality I thought of...

  • E3 '14
  • Length: 4:17
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