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A Debate on Gaza: Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada vs. J.J. Goldberg of the Jewish Daily Forward - We host a debate on U.S. media's coverage of the Israel-Gaza conflict and the roots of the crisis with two guests: Ali Abunimah, co-founder of the website Electronic Intifada & author of the new book, "The Battle for Justice in Palestine"; and J.J. Goldberg,...

Report from Gaza: Israel Launches New Offensive on Besieged Palestinian Territory in Crisis - Violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories is escalating as Israel bombs the Gaza Strip and threatens a new full-scale assault. On Monday, the Israeli military announced "Operation Protective Edge," which it says aims to stop Palestinian rocket fire into...

A Plan Only Banksters Will Love: WikiLeaks Reveals Trade Deal Pushing Global Financial Deregulation - The pro-transparency group WikiLeaks has released the secret draft text for the Trade in Services Agreement, TISA, a trade agreement covering 50 countries and more than 68 percent of world trade in service. Until now, the draft has been classified to keep it...

Report From Iraq: U.S. Invasion in 2003 Helped Set Path For Crisis Pulling Nation Apart - A representative of Iraq's most senior Shiite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, has called on Iraqis to take up arms against what he called "terrorists" who have overrun large swathes of the country. The call comes just hours after Islamist militants seized two...