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The Skeptic's Handbook - Trailer

Some people are skeptical about religion. Others about politics. And still others about romance. But what about those who sniff out pure BS on just about everything? Now they have the only resource they'll ever need to guide them through an irreverent look at the "big questions" that have...

Crime Scene: The Bobby Ray Summers Story

Crime Scene: The Bobby Ray Summers Story(2008 USA, 76 mins,color,mock documentary)Written and Directed, Edited by Marc BerlinSynopsis: In this mock-documentary parody of TV crime shows, it's "Spinal Tap" meets "American Justice". Bobby Ray Summers (played by Don Puglisi, Taking Woodstock, Life...

Jobless in America #2

An unemployed man is forced to answer stupid questions from an ugly Head of Personnel.

Jobless in America # 3

A guy driving to the unemployment office thinks his Case Manager is a jerk.