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Drawn Soldiers

Behind The Scenes: is a story of an American soldier during WW2 who comes across drawings made by a German soldier and learns to see his enemy in a different way.Starring Jeff Sinasac - twitter @JeffSinasacDirected by Cliff Bielawski...

First move in bed?

Problems in the bedroom can be caused by age difference or race, etc. But sometimes it's not all that complicated.BLOOPERS: "Duane Starr" Murrell Diana Schoutsen:...

The Princess & The Slimy Frog Prince

The classic fairy tale of the Princess and the Enchanted Frog ends a little differently when Prince Charming turns out to have more sleaze than charm.Bloopers & Alternate Takes: our other videos here: by: Keith Cooper...

Your sample, please

BLOOPERS: to the doctor are rarely fun, unless you're asked for a "sample". But when a man's pride is on the line, a simple task can easily turn into a great challenge.Starring:Robert Nolan Schoutsen:...