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"Rubber" (El Ataque de la Llanta Asesina) - 2010 Inglés;Español

(horror; bizarre) 2010Rubber es una película francesa de comedia de horror sobre un neumático que tiene vida y asesina a personas con sus poderes psíquicos. Rubber is a 2010 French comedy film about a tyre that comes to life and kills people with its psychic powers.Dirección Quentin Dupieux

Nujabes/Fat Jon/Force of Nature - Impression (Samurai Champloo OST) [Full album]

1 - Force of Nature - Just Forget (00:00)2 - Force of Nature - Nightshift (03:55)3 - Force of Nature - Hiji Zuru Style (feat. Suiken & S-Word) (08:40)4 - Force of Nature - The Stroll (12:24)5 - Force of Nature - Death Wish (15:20)6 - Force of Nature - Set It Off (18:15)7 - Force of Nature - The...

  • BabyPa
  • Length: 70:34
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Cyberpunk versus Post-Cyberpunk soundtrack (2 hours) Part 1/4

This music compilation is largely inspired by the movements and story beats in both Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It's meant to have the flow of a movie or game soundtrack with themes I've indicated below. Since it's influenced by DX:HR, the music in this mix tends to be on the moody and...