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Powerlifting: The Mentality

Mark Bell & Brandon Lilly talk about the mindset of a lifter, savagery ensues.Many Clips Courtesy of and the PowerProjectSongs:One (Cover) - ApocolypticaOne - Metallica Check out Mark Bell's PowerProject here! : out Brandon Lilly's...

What is Positive Psychology?

"What is Positive Psychology?" A "white board animation" sponsored by Test Prep Gurus.Written and Produced by: Nick StandleaAnimation Technique Development Team: Gack Standlea, Jessie Franzetti, Jesse StandleaAnimation: Tyreece SmithVoice: David ComptonSpecial Thanks to: The Quality of Life...

How To Do More Pull Ups Program (Increase Your Reps!!)

This program was developed by Major Charles Lewis Armstrong to help him prepare to break the world record in pull ups in one set. Ed is doing a video demonstration of the routine. Following this program with consistency you will see a huge jump in your pull ups with 6-8 weeks. For a complete...

Armodafinil Review - The Better Modafinil (Part 1) - There is No NZT-48 from the movie Limitless

Part 2 Here: is the R-enantiomer of Modafinil, and is the preferred eugeroic nootropic for many people who have tried both regular modafinil (whether as Provigil or Modalert) and armo...