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HI! and see you soon!

Welcome to the DeFranco Fam channel! We're currently on our honeymoon and we're not starting til after we get back but we're really excited to share and have you join our family :) oh and...Follow Linz on twitter: ugh Phil:


AHH! Here is a sum up of all the crazy antics from the entire DeFranco crew! Where should we go next? Sponsored Content. Special consideration provided by XBOXTell us what to blow up on and then watch RatedRR's vid on 10/28 for the EXPLOSIVE results.Check out the last...

DeFranco HACKED by Madman!

"Get my hacked designs while you can!" ~ Steve: sneaks into DeFranco HQ and hacks a bunch of designs on the FHP website. No seriously, check it out: Merchandise:

Breaking Bad Recap - Etch A Sketch Version - Geek Week

Warning- Video Contains Spoilers - In the Series Premiere of Todd's Sketches, he gets you ready for the final season of Breaking Bad by recapping the first 5 seasons. From Walt's decision to start manufacturing meth, to his tumultuous relationships with Jesse, Gus, and Mike, to his eventual rise...