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sakura to my click AMV

Este es mi primer video que se lo dedico a mi mejor amiga por siempre click mayumi ya que desde que la conozco me ha hecho un sin numero de vídeos y queria que mi primer vídeo fuera para agradecerle ya que a ella le gusta sakura es mas su primer video de youtube es de sakura espero que le guste.

Perfect Two Music Lyrics Video

The Perfect Two by AuburnI Drew and Izzy Wrote...P.s. The random blue blobs on the paper is glue :PI scanned all these pictures and once I uploaded it, i realised there was glue stuck to my scannerP.p.s. We didn't sing this song, Auburn did, so stop sending me messages and commenting what great...

「VIƧUΛL ⓔ」Lazy Summer !

O.o Second time im writing this since YT is dum and didn't save it ;w;Sooo Hi everyone !!! Here's my new video.....So this video is pretty much about mah favorite season :3 Summer and what i like most about it :D being lazy all day and going to the beach &'s not one of my best but...